Creating and nurturing a strong relationship with a customer is the reason of our ongoing success. We have always maintained a strong relationship with our customers. 


As per our understanding, a strong business relation not only means that the client is likely to keep doing business with us over the long-term, but it also means that the chances of our customer recommending our company and our products to others are greatly enhanced:

Therefore, our business relation with our customers are always based on our quality policy:

  • Identifying the customers brand preference and service expectations
  • Aligning our products and service with customer expectations
  • Maximising product presence across the entire retail universe
  • Ensuring our products are available in the market at all times
  • Complying with all regulatory requirements related to the product
  • Setting up standards and assessment methods to constantly better our service quality


To this end, Sulaiman Al Haj Haider & Sons Co. is, as always, committed to:

  • Continually improving its processes and Quality Management System
  • Manage resources efficiently and effectively.
  • Ensuring everyone understands how to do their job to achieve company‚Äôs goal.


For the accomplishment and maintenance of the above Sulaiman Al Haj Haider & Sons Co. proudly earned in 2014 its ISO 9001:2008.