Sulaiman Al Haj Haider & Sons Co. is the Qatar's leading FMCG distributors who play a major role in various business sectors of the entire Qatar. We deal with global fame achieved brands like Winston, More, Camel, Hi-lite etc to bring you the best quality products inside the state of Qatar. We have immense pleasure in introducing our firm as the No.1 general trading business institution of Qatar with more than millions of satisfied customers for various products under various brands.

With our widespread distribution network intact we are in capacity to handle massive distribution operation system across the State of Qatar. Association with big brands replicates the reliability and relationship we have built so far in the market. We leave no stone unturned to capture any modern format institute resulting in increased sales.

Once we start the distribution, we will do:

1. In 3 months, we will introduce your products in potential channel in SHH universe

2. Potentiel marketing show case and possible of exclusivity:

a. Al Sulan Beach Hotel and Resort
b.Ùmm Al Hanaya Restaurant (One of the very few 5 star restaurants serving shisha indoor.)

3. In a year time, expand our portfolio in all HORECAs in Qatar